Welcome and thank you for choosing to be part of the 2024 BMW Supplier Diversity Xchange!
Your participation in this event will benefit the growth of minority, women, veteran, LGBT, and disability-owned companies through partnership.

The event will be held on Thursday, August 29, 2024.  The DEADLINE for Booth Commitments is Friday, August 2, or until capacity is met!  Please click the blue SUBMIT BOOTH COMMITMENT below to reserve your exhibit space and register booth attendees for badges.

There is a lot of important, detailed exhibitor information on this site.  Please take the time to read through it carefully.  You may also CLICK HERE for a PDF version.

There is no charge for a booth space at the event.  BMW will handle the fees associated with your booth space.  However, companies that commit to exhibit and do not attend to man the booth will be subject to a $1,000 penalty fee for the production of items related to the booth space.

PLEASE NOTE:  Booth spaces are only open to current BMW Tier 1 Suppliers and Community Partners.

Booth Forms


  • Advance Electrical Forms are due by July 24.
  • Logo submissions for new exhibitors and logo re-prints are due by July 24. 
  • Payment for logo re-print is due by July 24.
  • Food & Beverage approval forms are due by August 1.


If you require an electrical drop for your show booth, please complete the Advance Electrical Form and email to by July 24. Quad Assignments are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Any exhibitors who send in their forms after this date cannot be guaranteed placement at a Quad with an electrical drop.


Any food items (other than pre-packaged candy) brought into the event MUST be approved by the Greenville Convention Center.  Please complete the Food & Beverage Application Form required for approval.  Forms must be submitted by August 1.  If you would like to order food/catering items through the facility, please contact Melanie with the Greenville Convention Center at or 864.255.5852.


New Exhibitors

Please submit your logo to by July 24.

Accepted file types:

  • Illustrator (.AI)

  • .EPS

  • High-resolution PDF

Exhibits South will NOT accept files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or JPG and PNG files.

Previous Exhibitors

If you have exhibited before, you will receive an email from with a proof of your logo for approval.

New Logo?

If you have rebranded with a new logo since the last event, there is a $250 charge to print a new logo for the back wall of your Quad. Please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form and email to with your logo file.  Payment and new logo files are due by July 24.

Quad Booth Information

There is no charge for a booth space at the Supplier Diversity Xchange!  BMW will handle the fees associated with your booth space.  The only costs you may incur relating to your booth are if you require an electrical drop or are a previous exhibitor needing a logo re-print.  First-time exhibitors will have their logo printed at no charge.

Your booth space or "Quad" consists of an 8' wide by 8' high back wall with your company's printed logo, one draped table, and two chairs.  The hall carpet is black with the exception of a white stripe down the center aisle.  Quad assignments will be sent out at the close of Booth Commitment submissions.  They are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Branded table drape
  • Promotional items
  • Collateral
  • Small demo items that fit on the provided table


Any type of floor standing displays (i.e. banner stands, monitor stands, pop-up displays, etc), anything that does not fit within your table space, or anything that blocks the aisles or the view of neighboring exhibitors will NOT be allowed on the show floor.

If you have a question about a specific item, please email for clarification.

Show Schedule

Thursday, August 29, 2024: 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Thursday, August 29, 2024: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM



Please ship to the following address:

Exhibits South
1000 Satellite Blvd.
Suite 120
Suwanee, GA 30024

Materials MUST ARRIVE between August 16 and August 23, 2024, at the address above.  They will NOT be accepted at any other time.

Total weight of all boxes (per exhibitor) must NOT exceed 100 pounds.

All boxes MUST be clearly labeled on the outside with your company name and Quad number.

Direct shipments to the Convention Center are NOT allowed.

Please send tracking information for your shipment to Exhibits South will not be responsible for any items that are not labeled properly or without tracking information.

If you are local to Greenville, please bring your items with you to the event on Thursday, August 29, 2024.


If you would like your exhibit materials shipped back to you at the close of the show on Thursday, August 29, 2024, you must provide YOUR OWN return shipping labels with account number.

On the day of the show, please have your boxes packed and stacked on your table by 5:15 PM.  Exhibits South will tape the boxes shut for you.  Leave your return label on top of the boxes.

Exhibits South will NOT be responsible for boxes that are not packed and/or do not include return shipping information.

Event Location

Greenville Convention Center
1 Exposition Dr
Greenville, SC 29607